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Fiction is Stranger Than Truth

I have recently discussed with a good friend our seemingly opposed reading habits.  Our discussion had me thinking about why I choose to read what I do.  My friend lands clearly on the side of non-fiction, memoirs, or the like; I unabashedly remain a novel reader, going for fiction almost every time.  That realization has made me decide some analysis of such choices would be interesting.  Clearly one would think I must live in a fantasy world, oh contraire, as a stubborn Taurus I am way too grounded set in my ways to live in any fantasy about how things could be.  I suppose it could be for that very fact, that I am so glued to the ground and that “reality” that I enjoy the fiction world for the enjoyment and escape it offers my Earthbound spirit, for I am no dreamer.  Reading on my lunch break offers an amusing escape from the normal routine, the demands of what must get accomplished.  That time I have to get lost in the book I am reading is for my “mental health” as much as a way to pass the time during lunch.  I admit to enjoying the time I get engrossed in what the characters are going through, and fiction it is, but it sure is fun plain and simple.  I know the real world awaits me, it is always there, always looming, so hey, a break for my thoughts to roam along with the feisty heroine, daydream about the amazing hero, or read on to see the villain I sometimes love to hate meet their end, bring it on.  I know a great deal can be learned from the experiences real people write about, it can amuse, teach, etc., but that is not what I am in the mood for when I pick up a book most of the time.  Preachy self-help books annoy me, why should I pay money to read a book of your advice again?  Memoirs, what makes your story interesting enough for me to spend time reading it?  I want the drama, the romance, the fun of it all, and even though I know it didn’t really happen, the journey is a hell of a good time.   I guess my friend and I probably will continue to agree to disagree, and that is fine with me, bring on my next novel I am ready to read since fiction will remain stranger than truth :0)


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