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Foundue, I Do!

Foundue, I do!

I Like to Zumba . . .

I started gozumbaing to Zumba class August of 2013, and since the first class was free I had nothing to lose.  Many months later and now I try to go twice a week if I can.  The reality is I have a desk job, and don’t move as much as I should during the day, which isn’t a good thing.  Hitting this high energy dance class helps me get inspired to move.  While I am far from the best dancer, I always have fun shaking my booty to the music and trying to follow the instructor.  Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace; the point is to move for the hour, which goes by faster than you would think.  The funny thing is I had a hard time keeping up with going to the gym, but I don’t seem to have the same problem with this class.   I think the best way to get motivated to exercise and move is to find what works the best for you, find something you actually enjoy doing, what you will be  able to keep doing over and over.  If you like to dance, try Zumba or some other dance class; if you like tennis, see if you can find a court where you can play; if you like basketball, go shoot some hoops.  I enjoy the class every week, and seeing many of the same women is a nice motivator as well, since we are in this together.  The instructors are great, and very nice women, so it doesn’t feel like a chore to go week after week.  The hour of Zumba is my time to get moving, and have some fun, while I try to get healthy.

How do you find motivation to get moving?  What activities do you enjoy most to keep active?



Laugh, Paint, Live

Tonight I decided last minute to keep a commitment to go and paint pottery with some lovey friends of mine, despite a week that had its up and downs (and yes, a weather Migraine).  My good friend T, just her initial to maintain her privacy, lol, got me to go, and I am so glad she did.  I love the pottery place we frequent, and it was soothing tonight to have some time to paint and take my mind off some things.  Laughing with friends, and getting some things off my chest, was a godsend this week.  I say, when life seems to be getting you down, laugh, paint, live . . . and enjoy a milkshake!


Patience My Dear

Patience is a virtue I am lacking.  It’s not that I don’t know that things take time, that things must be worked towards, that instant gratification rarely happens, it’s just that I want to have the results now, the good or bad ending, I want it now!  Even when I read a book I often skim the ending to know how things turned out, I want to know what my payoff will be for my time.   The ending of a movie, sure, tell me, I don’t feel it spoils it!  I always want to know what gifts the gifts are for my birthday or Christmas.  I hate having to wait to give someone else a surprise, it drives me nuts.   Surprises aren’t fun for me, so keeping me guessing won’t be fun and I hate holding in a surprise.   I think more than anything, I don’t want to feel I’m wasting my time in an endeavor, so I want to get there quickly and efficiently.  Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.  That rushed approach is probably no way to live life, but unfortunately it is one of my weaknesses.  Yes, I admit it is a shortcoming I should probably try to overcome, but can I be patient enough, time will tell.


Signs, Signs, How to Read ‘Em

Reading signs is so important.  They get you where you need to know on the road, and in life.  When it comes to subtle sings of my fellow human, especially human males, I am at a loss.  The difference between friendliness and true interest is beyond me, even after all my years.  I like to think I observe, and I am aware there are people at ease with strangers, who just have a way of being open, friendly, and inviting.  Then there are the people with the clear message to STAY AWAY!  However, it is the want to get to know you more sign that is most boggling to me.  I tend to not want to jump to that explanation, so I just let it pass me by.  Clearly, there is an important reason to differentiate, but it is an ability that appears eludes me.  It deserves some study and thought as a plan to address this deficiency in my arsenal of superpowers, this should be interesting ;0)


Romance Novel Addiction

I wasn’t really a reader of the traditional “romance” novel until about two years ago.  I picked up a novel that sounded cute, discovered it was romance, and was kinda hooked on the genre.  I know that it does set up false expectation of how love and romance function in the real world.  In real life it is a mix of timing, chemistry, and yes, hard work that make relationships and love last.  The meet-cute is not likely to happen in real life.  No adoring looks across a crowded room.  No bonding over some silly situation.  No instant heat and chemistry.  No perfect Prince Charming to sweep a damsel off her feet.  But hell if it isn’t a damn hoot to read.  For the time while I am reading that story I get to have a little fun, keep a little of the faith, and just let go for a bit into a world of romantic possibilities.  Sometimes it’s nice to step away from the world at hand and just have something a little happy and a little romantic to lose myself in, when the real world isn’t so romantic.  I mix it up with more serious reading, but I find a good romantic story line hard to put down.  I oooh and ahhh, laugh, and find myself taking what I like to call the “Reading Vacation,” and I am not ashamed in needing to take one every once in a while.


Tell Me What You Dream

Having been fighting this respiratory thing the last few days I am finding I am also being plagued by strange dreams.  Not scary in that horror movie kind of way, scary in the what in the world was that kind of way.  About three times just this past night I was awoken by some oddity in my dreams.  Remembering dreams isn’t unusual for me, but it seems when I’m not feeling well dreams become more vivid and more surreal.  As if being sick wasn’t enough to make the night rough, I have to deal with the odd in my dreams, really not fair.

Is it just me, or does anyone else experience this strange phenomenon when they are sick?


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