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Okay, rant time, but this will be a short post too :0P  Yesterday I went to Best Buy to return something, with a receipt in hand, and that damn messed up policy to take and swipe my license makes me furious.  WHAT OTHER STORE DOES THIS!  Oh, the cashier tried to say Wal-Mart does this too, I haven’t been there in a while, but I don’t remember that and I am not sure if this is their policy now too.  It is ridiculous that they track returns this way, to my license, it made me feel like a criminal!  Okay, I can see there might be people who are return offenders, but give me a break.  Best Buy is in trouble, having to possibly let people go, hummmm, maybe that is why people don’t want to shop there anymore, because they feel like criminals!

*I looked it up, Wal-Mart does this if you don’t have a receipt, which I can tolerate, but when you have a receipt, that is just, ugh!!


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

It continually amazes me to think of the things life throws my way, and like a trooper one must soldier on.  Trying times, dark times, lonely times, those are the times that try the heart, mind, and soul.  Bloodied and battered from battle, it feels as if it will never end and enemy advance will deal the final blow.  However, once that time has passed, the battleground is cleared, and hopefully left standing to fight again, I am stronger.  I don’t know what it is, but seeing others around me, and experiencing what I have in my life, I see that this can be the case.  Things are thrown my way, taking control and fighting to see another day is all I really can do.  If other people have done it, why can’t I.  The pain, struggles, heartache in life are tumultuous and defy explanation for a concrete reason why, but the good and happy in life is made better, stronger, and brighter because of that.  It sounds like trite and as if Pollyanna is speaking when I say all this, but it is a way to look past the dark times, and see what lies ahead.  The past is history, we have the present to live, and and a future to shape and make our own.

Are there sad, dark times you are grateful for?  Something that was painful but brought you to a greater happiness?


One for the Money (Stephanie Plum) – Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is the sassy and feisty heroine in a series of Janet Evanovich novels following her adventures misadventures as a bond enforcement agent, or bounty hunter.  Recently having lost her job as a lingerie buyer, this plucky Jersey Girl must figure out how to come up with some cash, and turns to her dad’s cousin for work as a bounty hunter.  Clearly not well-suited to this dangerous work, she somehow has a keen instinct to know when she should dig deeper into a mystery surrounding an FTA, i.e. Failure to Appear.   Her first assignment is Joe Morelli, a vice cop seemingly turned killer who grew up in her neighborhood.  The two have a colorful history and clearly strained feelings exist, but she must do all she can to get her man.  With some help from Ricardo Carlos Manoso, otherwise known as Ranger, bounty hunter extraordinaire and mystery figure of male danger she lands herself in some rather dangerous situations along the way to getting to the bottom of things.

This series, which has a nineteenth book coming out, is funny, sexy, and lively.  Stephanie is a regular girl who takes a job as a bounty hunter out of need, and lands in deep water time and time again.  I have now read 6 books in the series and have enjoyed each of them.  They have funny characters, like Lula a former prostitute who ends up going along with Stephanie on some of her FTA missions as the series progresses.  Grandma Mazur is Stephanie’s funeral loving grandma, who seems as trouble prone as Stephanie.   Even “Big Blue”, a tank of a Buick Roadmaster that Stephanie endures driving after she continually loses cars fires, bombs, and garbage trucks becomes kind of iconic in her world.

The back and forth flirtations/relationships she has with Morelli and Ranger are endearing, because what girl wouldn’t love having two sexy guys in their life.  Watching her figure out her feelings as she goes after FTAs is amusing, because both men must continually keep her out of the trouble she seems to draw to her.  She isn’t a damsel-in-distress, but she is definitely a girl who attracts trouble, and the two men in her life have to endure a lo.

I find myself going back to this series for enjoyable, light reads, with a bit of adventure and romance mixed in.  Stephanie isn’t perfect, and that is what I love most.  She goes in, does her thing, and somehow manages to make it out in the end.  Her no holds barred approach is always amusing.  I plan to continue reading the series and see what trouble our fearless bounty hunter finds herself in next.  


You Ought to Be in Pictures

Deep dislike of being photographed you say, oh, I get that. I am not a fan of those chest-out-duck-lips-posing-in-the-bathroom photos so very popular with women these days. When the camera comes out I cringe and simply want to be ignored, or better yet remain behind the camera. Don’t push, don’t ask, just let me be, I don’t want my picture taken. I can pinpoint the precise moment, incident, etc. that induced this shyness phobia. Funny thing is, as a young girl I was a bit of a ham and didn’t mind being playful in front of the camera, but that changed and I never felt relaxed in front of a camera again. It was pretty much when my Thyroid condition started around 6th Grade and I was being teased in school for my appearance, and then seeing pictures of myself was a horrifying experience on top of that! The photographic evidence of everything that was physically wrong is painful to remember and relive. Somehow I have gotten caught up in that place, and the associations of that period and of the “me” I was when I was sick and being photographed today isn’t a pleasant experience I believe because of those associations. I don’t want to see the photo and have to take in what I don’t like seeing there, as I had to as child when I saw photos of myself. I was a slightly more outgoing, social child prior to all that, and then suddenly the shell thickened and remains today most likely because of those experiences. Confronting that is something to work on, and expressing where it comes from and what triggers those emotions is powerful. Sure, one little post isn’t a cure, but it’s a start and it always feels good to express those inner emotions and turmoils.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The rain came earlier than usual today, and it seems nothing else is new besides rain.  It was a soggy June, and now a soggier July here in Florida (actually even May had quite a bit of rain).  Afternoon rain is typical, but this is getting serious seriously ridiculous.  I can’t help but feel waterlogged, and really want to dry out!  Tropical Storm Debby rolled through the last week of June, but it has felt like a never-ending monsoon has descended and has no intention of leaving.  So life continues in its soggy, summer way here in Florida, testing what Floridians are truly made out of, which apparently is a lot of water!



Yogurt, Blogs, and Rain

Today I was spontaneous, yes, moi, and did something spur of the moment!  I went to a blogger meeting with fellow lady bloggers in our area.  It was nice, if not a bit intimidating, since I feel kind of like an amateur.   Meeting at a local do-it-yourself frozen yogurt place was fun, and close by, so good for a Sunday outing when it is rainy season.  Arriving early, of course, only uped my anxiety level as I waited for the others to arrive, hoping I would have something productive to say.  I, of course, spilled some yogurt on myself, and my raincoat, so it went much as I expected; I was utterly graceful and delicate!   This go round I simply wanted to take things in, my usual style for sure, hoping to get a feel for things and the fellow lady bloggers.  It was amazing seeing other women who enjoy blogging, and about so very different topics.  I was inspired once I came home to create a business card to go with my blog design.  It is a great, easy way to share your info on the go, and it is pretty easy to DIY also.  So, I have taken my first lesson from a blog meetup, and just add it to the others shared along the way.  As she reminded me, blogging is about self-expression and meeting other people, where judgement isn’t passed and being true to yourself is all that is expected.  Overall it was a nice, albeit rainy, Sunday in my world, and figured I would share that I feel like I have gained some inspiration and insight as I navigate my life, and my blog.  Not a bad days work, that’s for sure!  And remember, bring your raincoat, it’s July in Florida ;0)


A Lady and Her Vamp

Okay, so I admit I am a Twilight fan.  I love the books, have seen the movies, and I’m hooked.  In all truth I wasn’t into the vampire thing prior to that.  Anne Rice and her vampire world weren’t my thing.  Bram Stoker, eh, not so much.  Funny, it is the little ‘tween novel that turned on my passion.  It is just something about the intensity and passion of vampires I started to be intrigued by.  Passion and intensity are powerful, and make a great story and pull me in.  Those characters and stories awakened something in me, something more than I though was there to be honest, passion and desire wise.  I know Twilight is arguably a very sanitized version, but it suites me and I have found I can veer into the paranormal with a little more ease these days, since I am also a fan of The Vampire Diaries TV show, and get sucked in, pun fully intended, to the weekly drama and, yes, sexy romance.  Something about being desired, granted not by some sparkly vegetarian or vicious killer, but having someone passionate about me just sounds amazing.  Am I crazy for wishing that, hummm, I think deep down many, if not most, woman have the fantasy of being desirable and cherished by someone.  It fills a need in me to read stories like that, not that I expect real life to match up, but it is fun for a fantasy.  I can keep the hope I suppose, to one day find that passion for myself.   Reading about it for now will have to suffice, and get me through.  And I think every lady can use a little passion, and yes, vamp, in her life every once in a while :0)


Confidence Boost

As a self-professed and unabashed “Book Geek”  I admit that I find myself usually most comfortable and passionate when speaking about books, otherwise I find I am severely lacking self-confidence or self-assurance, and grapple with being a severe introvert.  Dealing with most social situations always revs up my anxiety level to unprecedented levels.  Worry overtakes me, and I find any relaxation, or enjoyment, hard to muster.  It isn’t so much that I dislike being in a social situation, it is more that my concerns and insecurities far outweigh any ease I try to feign.  I do a little better one on one, but when  surrounded by a larger group, it isn’t pretty.  It is an unease of how to fit in, where to place myself, what to contribute that hinders my bravery.  Oh, certainly the adage of “be yourself” comes to mind, but it is hard advice when you fear people won’t like the “yourself” you are.  There are people I see so at ease when sharing with a group, leading a group, etc. and I envy that.  

In my bookclub I recently had to take the reigns in our discussion and felt pretty useless, even though it was about a book.  I am far better at sharing my thoughts about the current book when I don’t have to worry about leading, otherwise I am a bundle of nerves.  Even when I am just sharing I am questioning myself; am I talking too much, making an absurd point, being rude!  Recently, when I went to hang out at a good friend and fellow blogger KitchenKM’s game night, relaxing wasn’t so easy, especially early on.  I felt awkward and kind of clammed up.  Then as we played the game, I think I got kind of snippy when I had to be silly in the game that was meant to be fun and easy going.  I feel like a pretty uncoordinated and unimpressive figure to begin with, and acting silly or uninhibited just makes that even worse for me, even when it should be fun or lighthearted.  Overall I had fun, but I know I wasn’t at my best or socially graceful.  It is a constant battle between wanting to be accepted and be more social, and a fear of failing and just not measuring up or fitting in.  These thoughts are hard to ignore, it is just a given that I will be nervous, clumsy, and awkward.  Confidence never has been, and most likely never will be my strong suit, I just can’t seem to find my size. 


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