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Foundue, I Do!

Foundue, I do!

Why the Good Don’t Always Win

There is that expression that crime doesn’t pay, which, sure, makes perfect sense.  However, I have been thinking in recent days that being good sometimes doesn’t pay either.  It is funny when you try to do the right and proper thing, you still can be hit with things that knock you off your butt.  Sometimes I just want to scream, and say ENOUGH.  Not that I think I deserve some special accolades for maintaining this “goodness”, but it can get to be a handful.  I don’t go out of my way to hurt people, but why should I allow myself to get hurt and run into the ground by others without coming back fighting for myself, since no one else can or will really fight for me.   I feel sometimes the quiet, meek ones endure these things the most, because, wow, the meek don’t bite back, the meek don’t fight, it just doesn’t happen, so they will take what is dished out.   Well, goodness can only carry a girl so far . . .


Fight Like Cats and Dogs

My father and I got to talking about how women fight with each other, and how men fight with each other, and he brought up some good points how different the sexes interact when fighting among themselves. He pointed out that women typically go for harsh words with one another, what I call the mean girl style of conflict resolution. You try to knock the other woman out with you vicious words, make them feel smaller than a gnat, and hope they get the message loud and clear – they are persona non grata!  Men I suggest are likely get physical when an issue comes up, and then after that either they might get some beers or never speak again. And sometimes more than likely, men will just avoid the situation entirely, and just not speak to those they don’t want to. It is how the sexes do battle among themselves, and how different it seems to be when you think about it. I noticed this difference looking back to when I was in school, and how boys and girl resolved conflicts typically. When girls didn’t like another girl, they got their gang together, not to physically hurt the other girl usually, but to verbally assault her and make her feel like she was dirt, and make her “disappear.” Boys, I always felt ended up resorting to fisticuffs, and then things would be over and everybody resume your regularly scheduled day. That is to say there are always exceptions to this “rule” and these behaviors, but it interesting to note how the sexes handle these things.

What do you think is typical man vs. woman behavior in resolving conflicts among themselves?


Don’t Believe the Hype . . .

It has been pointed out to me that being a negative personality, or bringing your woes continually to someone can push them away.  I admit, yes, this can prove true.  However, there are people who seem in need of constant lauding in their life, and that grows equally draining and irksome.  These people seem to need to have every accomplishment high-fived and celebrated.  They keep a “yes crew” around them who can give them that needed praise at any given moment.  That need for adulation grows weary, and friendship will not likely survive the moment the required praise fails to come, or their supposed “greatness” comes into question.  So yes, while the woe is me person grows tiresome, the inflated egomaniac can suck all the oxygen out of the room.


Sweet Dreams Are (Not) Made of This

I have a tendency to recall dreams on a fairly decent basis, not every detail, but I can recall the gist of the dream .  Well, last night, I had two whoppers!  I am quite aware of “this is only a dream,” but it still can rattle a perturbed mind.  One would think that when you are walking through your living room and see a cobra, and it’s shedded skin, you would think now that’s bizarre! I live in Florida and snakes are common, but I’m not aware of how prevalent cobras actually are.  While I’m awake snakes terrify me, so oddly enough it was terrifying in the dream to find a snake under a hallway table which then proceeded to slither near me. I of course woke myself up before much else happened.  It appears that this “could” symbolize hypnotism in some relationship, which could be accurate after last weeks “drama.”  My next bizarre nighttime theater was I was on a cruise ship, having come back from one about two weeks ago that makes sense; I was enjoying hanging around, I had left to explore the ship on my own, when all of a sudden we’re sinking!  I was not able to get to my muster station and had to follow other people up this other set of stairs to another muster station while the water is rising.  I got upset I hadn’t found the other people I was with and was nervous being in the wrong place and then I woke up.  Again, I always like to see what these kind of things “mean” and see it means feeling overwhelmed and needing to let go of old ideas or beliefs.  Interesting.  Odd things to share, but writing helps me, and felt let it out :0)  So I wonder what dreams I can have tonight!


Migraine Surviving

I am a life-long migraine sufferer survivor.  At the ripe old age of seven I began being plagued by these nasty, evil, things called migraines.  When my mom took me to the doctor and he said migraine, it was surprising, but my grandmother suffered from them so I hadn’t escaped a hereditary predisposition and have had to live with it as part of my life.  It cost me more than my share of fun times in my youth.  I missed a recital when I got sick after dress rehearsal that morning.  I had gone to the rehearsal feeling okay in the morning, and then was hit by the pain, nausea and everything else and had to miss the show that night.  I went with a friend and her family to Adventure Island, a Florida waterpark and it turned into a miserable day when I ended up with a migraine.  A field trip in the 5th Grade ended badly when a migraine hit me at the end of the day.  I started to be aware that days could often be ruined by migraine misery.  I grew to manage it better and fortunately they weren’t coming as frequently.  However in 2004 I started new symptoms and now suffer from migraine aura as well.  This is basically a visual migraine that disturbs my day for about a half hour or so, where I am forced into a dark room as I wait for the kaleidoscope and tunnel vision to disappear.  Again, it is about rolling with the punches life has thrown my way.  I will say unless someone has suffered a migraine, it might be hard for others to sympathize with.  It goes beyond a headache, and it is truly a miserable condition.

I would love to hear other stories from migraine survivors, and how it fits into your life.


Tell Me What You Dream

Having been fighting this respiratory thing the last few days I am finding I am also being plagued by strange dreams.  Not scary in that horror movie kind of way, scary in the what in the world was that kind of way.  About three times just this past night I was awoken by some oddity in my dreams.  Remembering dreams isn’t unusual for me, but it seems when I’m not feeling well dreams become more vivid and more surreal.  As if being sick wasn’t enough to make the night rough, I have to deal with the odd in my dreams, really not fair.

Is it just me, or does anyone else experience this strange phenomenon when they are sick?


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