Sweet Dreams Are (Not) Made of This

I have a tendency to recall dreams on a fairly decent basis, not every detail, but I can recall the gist of the dream .  Well, last night, I had two whoppers!  I am quite aware of “this is only a dream,” but it still can rattle a perturbed mind.  One would think that when you are walking through your living room and see a cobra, and it’s shedded skin, you would think now that’s bizarre! I live in Florida and snakes are common, but I’m not aware of how prevalent cobras actually are.  While I’m awake snakes terrify me, so oddly enough it was terrifying in the dream to find a snake under a hallway table which then proceeded to slither near me. I of course woke myself up before much else happened.  It appears that this “could” symbolize hypnotism in some relationship, which could be accurate after last weeks “drama.”  My next bizarre nighttime theater was I was on a cruise ship, having come back from one about two weeks ago that makes sense; I was enjoying hanging around, I had left to explore the ship on my own, when all of a sudden we’re sinking!  I was not able to get to my muster station and had to follow other people up this other set of stairs to another muster station while the water is rising.  I got upset I hadn’t found the other people I was with and was nervous being in the wrong place and then I woke up.  Again, I always like to see what these kind of things “mean” and see it means feeling overwhelmed and needing to let go of old ideas or beliefs.  Interesting.  Odd things to share, but writing helps me, and felt let it out :0)  So I wonder what dreams I can have tonight!


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