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Happiness is a Warm Puppy

Since I was born there have always been dogs in my life.  There have been some lapses without a dog, but for the most part I have had the companionship of a four-legged friend.

Muffin was a Lhasa Apso my family had before I was born.  She was a big fan of my dad, and I have heard they get attached primarily to one person, so when I came around my parents waited to see how she would handle a baby.  She was okay at first, she would sit just outside my blanket if I was placed on the floor, never touching the blanket or me.  I was never left alone with her though.  When I did get mobile, it took one time for her to show her teeth and my parents took her to my grandmother.  She ended up destroying her house, and then when my great-aunt took her in, she bit her.  Sadly her tale was not so happy.

Sheba I remember we got when I was about four or five years old.  There was a store in New York called The Emporium I believe, and one day someone had some Siberian Husky puppies they were giving away.  We went home with her and she sat in my lap.  She was a gentle giant, and was actually a mixed breed.  She had some Labrador in her too.  Her eyes were brown and blue, and she was black and white.  My dad could put a piece of cheese on his finger and she would gently take it off his finger.  She moved with us to Florida and I remember the drive with her.   Sadly we moved from a house in Florida and she couldn’t come with us.

Pepe was the little man.  My coach in grade school, this was 4th grade, had found an abandoned puppy and decided to see if any of the students could take him in.  I went home, my dad helped me write a note and we got to school early the next day and I came home with a new friend.  He was a Terrier/Beagle mix and just a little man.  He was a sweet guy and always a good friend.  He got sick when he was about 13 and he had to be euthanized, and to this day I think of him fondly.

Honey-Belle entered my life a bit after Pepe was gone.  She is my little princess and protector.  She is a Poodle/Bichon Frise mix and at all of nine pounds she is still a feisty little thing.  She is nearing ten years old now, but she is truly a great little girl and I enjoy having her to come home to.  Her protectiveness of me makes me laugh because she is so small, but feels she is an imposing figure.  She is truly a personality to behold.

Loving a pet is a bittersweet thing.  We have such a limited time with them, but they bring so much in those years it is hard for me to say I could give up having a dog in my life.  Unconditional love, friendship is a given, and all they seek is your love, care, and friendship in return.  It is truly a unique relationship humans have with their four-legged friends, and I am so grateful for it.

*Pictures to come soon :0)


Summer Cold Make Me Feel Blah

It happened, I ended up with a lovely summer cold/upper respiratory thing :0(  I have always believed that getting a cold in the summer is highly unfair.  Colds are caused by a virus, blah, blah, blah, but somehow during the summer it doesn’t seem that a cold should be allowed to occur.  Sun, fun, relaxation, that is summer, not sniffles, coughing, and misery.  So I figured I would share my misery on this lovely August day while my head is stuffed and my nose is a faucet and I cough, oh well, summer cold fun.



Okay, rant time, but this will be a short post too :0P  Yesterday I went to Best Buy to return something, with a receipt in hand, and that damn messed up policy to take and swipe my license makes me furious.  WHAT OTHER STORE DOES THIS!  Oh, the cashier tried to say Wal-Mart does this too, I haven’t been there in a while, but I don’t remember that and I am not sure if this is their policy now too.  It is ridiculous that they track returns this way, to my license, it made me feel like a criminal!  Okay, I can see there might be people who are return offenders, but give me a break.  Best Buy is in trouble, having to possibly let people go, hummmm, maybe that is why people don’t want to shop there anymore, because they feel like criminals!

*I looked it up, Wal-Mart does this if you don’t have a receipt, which I can tolerate, but when you have a receipt, that is just, ugh!!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The rain came earlier than usual today, and it seems nothing else is new besides rain.  It was a soggy June, and now a soggier July here in Florida (actually even May had quite a bit of rain).  Afternoon rain is typical, but this is getting serious seriously ridiculous.  I can’t help but feel waterlogged, and really want to dry out!  Tropical Storm Debby rolled through the last week of June, but it has felt like a never-ending monsoon has descended and has no intention of leaving.  So life continues in its soggy, summer way here in Florida, testing what Floridians are truly made out of, which apparently is a lot of water!



The Great Hair Debate

As a girl with naturally curly hair I have noticed a certain change in how I am perceived when I straighten my hair.  Typically I let my hair air dry and the curls come as they please, however I do straighten it on occasion, and I get an interesting perspective when I do so.  It appears that with straight hair is somehow a more acceptable look, not that anyone says that, but I feel that way when people seem to comment more on the straight hair.  It might just be my perception, as I have felt marginalized for years seeing straight hair get the glamorous attention and always felt curly hair is the “also ran.”   It has always seemed that straight hair is the sophisticated, sexy, superior style; curly hair is the playful, girlie, maybe cute style but not at all attention grabbing.  People even tend to think curly hair is the indestructible helmet of thick and unruly ringlets.  I can offer that that is not true, curly hair needs care and is quite delicate, thank you.   I will continue to play both sides of this debate, but make no mistake I am a curly top, and will always be.  Straight hair is fun, for a time, but I enjoy the ease and comfort of my ringlets, they seem to suit me.  To the other naturally curly tops, I say flaunt it and let the straight heads envy your curves and body, because you know secretly they do ;0)


Spring Ahead

Back in November I talked about Falling Back and how much easier it is to adjust to when we set the clocks back.  Well, Sunday we are at it again, this time setting them ahead.  Okay, this should be fun.  Every year that Daylight Savings Sunday I dread because I really feel the loss of that one hour.  The whole week is thrown off, and it just feels like a constant state of tension because it can’t possibly be that late, can it?  Again forced to adjust to time change; this time not in a fun, give me more time way, but in a dreadful, take away time way.  Ugh, stop the insanity I can’t take it anymore.  One hour really does a lot of damage to the psyche, and it won’t be pretty.  Stay tuned to see how I survive.

October = Halloween (And SO Much More)

Well as October moves along and Halloween gets closer I start to think about what it is about this time of year that starts getting to me.  Once the Halloween decorations go up my mind goes to the obvious ghosts and ghouls (of course I prefer a less blood and gore Halloween) to Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Silly as it seems the Holiday Season start for me with October and Halloween, because with the festivities that begin in October I can start preparing for the next few months of craziness.  Of course Thanksgiving doesn’t have the same party and fun tone of Halloween, but it has the family gatherings and time to reflect that can be valuable.  Christmas then combines the festivities of Halloween with a period for refection with the coming New Year as well. Funny for me this time of year is really kicking into high gear as I get to thinking about the silly ghoulish days of October, the quite peaceful time for thanks in November (and a nice LONG weekend), and the crazy wild ride that ends with December and the New Year.  Happy Halloween :0)


Nothing to Fear . . .

I have a really awesome friend, who loves to go for things, try something new and scary, and seems to on the surface never worry about it.  I give her credit and wish I could be so bold, I do try with a great deal of trepidation to step out of the “box,” as she has so kindly put it, and just try.  I guess it is what makes us unique, she is the one who can go for that difficult thing, or so it seems to me, and I like to stick with the game plan.  Spicing it up is not really part of my repertoire and I don’t really feel successful when I try to accomplish the lofty goals I really would love to set.  I know failure is not necessarily a bad thing, it can have its positive and life-affirming impact in the end, so they tell me.  Failure doesn’t really scare me so much, to be honest, I just like kind of knowing a head of time if there is even the slightest chance for success and if I can’t say there is, I say, ah, why go for it.  Sitting here on a Saturday night I think to myself, why am I blogging about this, haha.  Quite philosophical silly of me and  I wax poetic as if anyone really cares about my little take on life and very important regular matters.


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