The Great Hair Debate

As a girl with naturally curly hair I have noticed a certain change in how I am perceived when I straighten my hair.  Typically I let my hair air dry and the curls come as they please, however I do straighten it on occasion, and I get an interesting perspective when I do so.  It appears that with straight hair is somehow a more acceptable look, not that anyone says that, but I feel that way when people seem to comment more on the straight hair.  It might just be my perception, as I have felt marginalized for years seeing straight hair get the glamorous attention and always felt curly hair is the “also ran.”   It has always seemed that straight hair is the sophisticated, sexy, superior style; curly hair is the playful, girlie, maybe cute style but not at all attention grabbing.  People even tend to think curly hair is the indestructible helmet of thick and unruly ringlets.  I can offer that that is not true, curly hair needs care and is quite delicate, thank you.   I will continue to play both sides of this debate, but make no mistake I am a curly top, and will always be.  Straight hair is fun, for a time, but I enjoy the ease and comfort of my ringlets, they seem to suit me.  To the other naturally curly tops, I say flaunt it and let the straight heads envy your curves and body, because you know secretly they do ;0)


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