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iPhone 5 Rumor

Amazing, wow, possibly $800 for iPhone 5!!!


Summer Cold Make Me Feel Blah

It happened, I ended up with a lovely summer cold/upper respiratory thing :0(  I have always believed that getting a cold in the summer is highly unfair.  Colds are caused by a virus, blah, blah, blah, but somehow during the summer it doesn’t seem that a cold should be allowed to occur.  Sun, fun, relaxation, that is summer, not sniffles, coughing, and misery.  So I figured I would share my misery on this lovely August day while my head is stuffed and my nose is a faucet and I cough, oh well, summer cold fun.



Okay, rant time, but this will be a short post too :0P  Yesterday I went to Best Buy to return something, with a receipt in hand, and that damn messed up policy to take and swipe my license makes me furious.  WHAT OTHER STORE DOES THIS!  Oh, the cashier tried to say Wal-Mart does this too, I haven’t been there in a while, but I don’t remember that and I am not sure if this is their policy now too.  It is ridiculous that they track returns this way, to my license, it made me feel like a criminal!  Okay, I can see there might be people who are return offenders, but give me a break.  Best Buy is in trouble, having to possibly let people go, hummmm, maybe that is why people don’t want to shop there anymore, because they feel like criminals!

*I looked it up, Wal-Mart does this if you don’t have a receipt, which I can tolerate, but when you have a receipt, that is just, ugh!!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The rain came earlier than usual today, and it seems nothing else is new besides rain.  It was a soggy June, and now a soggier July here in Florida (actually even May had quite a bit of rain).  Afternoon rain is typical, but this is getting serious seriously ridiculous.  I can’t help but feel waterlogged, and really want to dry out!  Tropical Storm Debby rolled through the last week of June, but it has felt like a never-ending monsoon has descended and has no intention of leaving.  So life continues in its soggy, summer way here in Florida, testing what Floridians are truly made out of, which apparently is a lot of water!



Mean People . . . GRRRR

I recently learned something about mean people, and came to some conclusions about their role in my life.  My thought has always been that according to the “Golden Rule” the way you treat people is how you want to be treated.  I suppose this is a naive way to think, but it is how my thought process goes and I don’t see it changing.  I have accepted that karma is a real and true thing and hope to act accordingly.  I honestly think the good you put out into the world gets paid back to you and the bad you put out in the world also comes back somehow, someway.  I don’t think that I have vindictive or cruel intentions when I have failed to act as I know I should have, and of course like every human I am liable to make mistakes and say things and do things that can be mean and thoughtless, but never with real intention to do harm.  Although I am starting to believe there are some people who I don’t think feel quite the same way about this issue.   Sadly there are people that don’t have that filter and don’t truly care about their behavior and their treatment of others.  It is funny because I have been told on occasion that I am too nice.  I suppose I can’t help myself and don’t really think that giving back cruelty to those who have been cruel to me will serve any real purpose  Maybe that makes me a bit of a Pollyanna, but so be it, that is how I am.  I was recently confronted with a cruel person, and this cruelty was for no reason.  I find I can’t do more than just avoid this person and be, at the bare minimum, cordial to them.  Seeing more and more of this nature in people still does not change how I view things and my reactions to them, because I can never allow myself to be the bad guy.  I truly want to be the bigger person, not the bad guy for the sake of payback.


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