Pen and Sword

My love of books and reading, along with my deep desire to write has made me think about the power of the written word.  The power an author has in their words placed on the page is tremendous to behold.  Authors take the reader in, hopefully if they have great skill, and essentially share their “world” with the reader.  Whether it is fiction or nonfiction, the author is the ultimate creator of what the reader experiences.  The phrase the pen is mightier than the sword comes to mind.  Seeing just how much damage a scathing article can have on someone, or how deeply people come to love characters in a favorite novel or series, makes it apparent how deeply we connect with the written word.  I have a friend and real blogging maven, who I am always amazed by how she can share an experience, making it come alive somehow on the page.  There is something compelling about sharing one’s emotions and thoughts on the page, because somehow in writing it down, the emotions behind it feel stronger or more visceral.  That also allows some sense that those feelings or emotions have been worked through in a more concrete manner.  Giving expression to what rages inside feels necessary somehow, and the pen seems the most expedient way of going about expressing emotions, and working through something nagging at the mind.



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