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Three Sides . . .

ibe6AQMdeJBU60I have come to understand this quote, and how true it is!  It seems when things go south, it is especially true.  I don’t know why, but it seems we get especially cloudy memories at the worst times, and we are so limited to our own view of things. I have been guilty of only seeing my side, and having someone not see my side and hating me for no real valid reason.  Emotions, experiences, expectations all get in the way and I think cause the murky territory.  Saying I will not allow it to happen to me is not likely to work.  We wb2138486e17acead87c994c95b802efaill always fail to listen to others at some point or other, and fail to have someone listen to us at some point or another.  I suppose the best we can hope for is that we are aware and try to not fall into the pit that often.  However, sad when it happens, and sadder even when something is lost because of it.


I Like to Zumba . . .

I started gozumbaing to Zumba class August of 2013, and since the first class was free I had nothing to lose.  Many months later and now I try to go twice a week if I can.  The reality is I have a desk job, and don’t move as much as I should during the day, which isn’t a good thing.  Hitting this high energy dance class helps me get inspired to move.  While I am far from the best dancer, I always have fun shaking my booty to the music and trying to follow the instructor.  Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace; the point is to move for the hour, which goes by faster than you would think.  The funny thing is I had a hard time keeping up with going to the gym, but I don’t seem to have the same problem with this class.   I think the best way to get motivated to exercise and move is to find what works the best for you, find something you actually enjoy doing, what you will be  able to keep doing over and over.  If you like to dance, try Zumba or some other dance class; if you like tennis, see if you can find a court where you can play; if you like basketball, go shoot some hoops.  I enjoy the class every week, and seeing many of the same women is a nice motivator as well, since we are in this together.  The instructors are great, and very nice women, so it doesn’t feel like a chore to go week after week.  The hour of Zumba is my time to get moving, and have some fun, while I try to get healthy.

How do you find motivation to get moving?  What activities do you enjoy most to keep active?



Letting Go

As stubborletting gon as I am, one of the hardest things for me is letting go of hurt. When I feel devalued, mistreated, or generally stomped upon by someone, I can’t seem to let that feeling of pain go. I don’t want to dwell, or give someone that kind of power over me, but as hard as I try to say it’s not worth it, my heart doesn’t get the message like my brain. I write this as a means to remind myself to send that hurt where it belongs, and not to let if fester and bring me down. There are people who basically suck, for lack of a more eloquent word, and their opinion should not gain a hold on me. Sometimes the other person needs to examine themselves, and see what they need to work on, because I truly feel, how you tear someone else down has more to do with how you see yourself. Just needed to share, and hopefully let this go 🙂

How do you let go of the past?  How do you move beyond hurt feelings?


Good Things . . .

Despite appearances, I am going to make myself ready for the good things that are sure to come my way . . . and I will embrace them with my whole heart!

Why the Good Don’t Always Win

There is that expression that crime doesn’t pay, which, sure, makes perfect sense.  However, I have been thinking in recent days that being good sometimes doesn’t pay either.  It is funny when you try to do the right and proper thing, you still can be hit with things that knock you off your butt.  Sometimes I just want to scream, and say ENOUGH.  Not that I think I deserve some special accolades for maintaining this “goodness”, but it can get to be a handful.  I don’t go out of my way to hurt people, but why should I allow myself to get hurt and run into the ground by others without coming back fighting for myself, since no one else can or will really fight for me.   I feel sometimes the quiet, meek ones endure these things the most, because, wow, the meek don’t bite back, the meek don’t fight, it just doesn’t happen, so they will take what is dished out.   Well, goodness can only carry a girl so far . . .


Laugh, Paint, Live

Tonight I decided last minute to keep a commitment to go and paint pottery with some lovey friends of mine, despite a week that had its up and downs (and yes, a weather Migraine).  My good friend T, just her initial to maintain her privacy, lol, got me to go, and I am so glad she did.  I love the pottery place we frequent, and it was soothing tonight to have some time to paint and take my mind off some things.  Laughing with friends, and getting some things off my chest, was a godsend this week.  I say, when life seems to be getting you down, laugh, paint, live . . . and enjoy a milkshake!


Fight Like Cats and Dogs

My father and I got to talking about how women fight with each other, and how men fight with each other, and he brought up some good points how different the sexes interact when fighting among themselves. He pointed out that women typically go for harsh words with one another, what I call the mean girl style of conflict resolution. You try to knock the other woman out with you vicious words, make them feel smaller than a gnat, and hope they get the message loud and clear – they are persona non grata!  Men I suggest are likely get physical when an issue comes up, and then after that either they might get some beers or never speak again. And sometimes more than likely, men will just avoid the situation entirely, and just not speak to those they don’t want to. It is how the sexes do battle among themselves, and how different it seems to be when you think about it. I noticed this difference looking back to when I was in school, and how boys and girl resolved conflicts typically. When girls didn’t like another girl, they got their gang together, not to physically hurt the other girl usually, but to verbally assault her and make her feel like she was dirt, and make her “disappear.” Boys, I always felt ended up resorting to fisticuffs, and then things would be over and everybody resume your regularly scheduled day. That is to say there are always exceptions to this “rule” and these behaviors, but it interesting to note how the sexes handle these things.

What do you think is typical man vs. woman behavior in resolving conflicts among themselves?


Trying a New Approach

This year has been eventful, and because of all that has been going on I have decided to take care of my health more.  I started Zumba classes late last year, and despite taking some time off I am back at it.  I even try to go two times a week.  I decided at the end of February to buy a fitness tracker, which one I won’t say on here, lol, and since I have been using it I do notice a difference.  It it odd how a little thing like that has gotten me motivated to move more every day.  I like seeing my goal be met each day, and I have noticed a change in how my clothes have gotten looser.  I have been taking a lot of walks lately, just because I need the time to think and take stock.  Stress is always around, so I am trying to do something to keep it under control.  This year has been full of some pretty heavy things, and I just hope by managing my stress, and doing something active, I can help stay healthier and take care of what comes my way.

What changes are you hoping to make in the coming months?  How do you think new goals are best reached?


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